Friday, September 4, 2020

Did You Know? September 2020 | Peekapak: SEL Tools & Upcoming Training

Are you looking for Social Emotional Learning tools to use with your students? If so, check out Peekapak, ERS Library’s fantastic SEL digital resource for grades TK-5. Peekapak features scaffolded lessons that could be used for an entire school-wide SEL program. In addition, Peekapak has leveled eBooks, study units for each book containing lesson plans, teacher resources and activities. You will also want your students to experience Peekaville, the online game world where students interact with characters from Peekapak’s eBooks. Relatable characters like Leo, Ines and Cody, will help your students learn valuable lessons about emotions and social behavior.

Responding to the overwhelming need students have to understand and process their emotions and feelings these days, educators at Peekapak have created an entire unit of lesson plans and resources specifically dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Peekaflu, a COVID-19 like virus has invaded Peekaville, and is front and center in the eBook, “Back to School with the Peekaflu”. The book features a back-to-school story, but in this story all the Peekaville characters are wearing masks and working through their emotions and feelings during a turbulent time. Peekaville characters wonder why they have to wear masks and why the school and the library are closed and why their favorite public events and activities are canceled. It makes Cody, in particular, feel angry and a little scared. Over the course of eight lessons, the Peekaville characters learn to understand their emotions and in turn help students learn to understand the emotions they are experiencing. If you have not yet enjoyed the benefits of Peekapak or Peekaville, today may be the day. 

I’ll be conducting a training for this digital resource on Thursday, September 10 from 3:00-4:00 pm.

I hope you can join me!

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