Friday, May 7, 2021

Sync Audiobooks celebrates 12 years of FREE audiobook downloads for teens!

(Additional titles available in June, July & August)

SYNC Audiobooks for Teens returns for a 12th season of free audiobook downloads to keep for individuals ages 13 and up! AudioFile Magazine has hosted this program all these years to encourage the development of new listeners during middle- and high-school summer vacation periods. Listening to audiobooks has been demonstrated to increase literacy capacity in highly skilled bookworms as well as those who don’t identify themselves as readers, to provide opportunities to deepen capacity for empathy, and to offer exposure to a wide variety of genres, voices, and expressive styles.

This year, the SYNC season runs for 14 weeks, from April 29 through August 4, for a total of 28 titles, all available to participants worldwide. SYNC titles will be delivered via OverDrive’s Sora app, compatible with all types of computers, tablets, and smartphones. Once downloaded during each title’s single week of availability, the audiobook remains the participant’s, with no due date. A few subtle changes in SYNC’s website have been made; however, if you are a longtime SYNC fan, these changes will seem more cosmetic than practical compared with your past experience.

SYNC’s website is currently up and running, providing teachers, library staff, group leaders, and anyone else who might find them useful with access to a toolkit that includes a suite of posters, as well as Frequently Asked Questions with guiding answers. The full list of titles, publishers, and date ranges for each pair of free titles all can be found on the site. Please encourage others who work with the targeted audience of teens of middle and high school ages to review basic procedural steps before the season opens.

This year’s SYNC title collection includes dramas, autobiographies, fantasies, thrillers, romances, and much more. Participants will be offered many #OwnVoices audiobooks, a classic tale from China, an artist’s tour of a career in professional art, some often-requested humor, and collections of short stories. Performance styles include single narration, author narration, full-cast performances, and dual performer deliveries. Some of the audiobooks have a run time under two hours, of particular appeal to brand-new listeners, and others run as long as 12 hours and more.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Important *End of the School Year* Information from the ERS Library

As we enter the last full month of the 2020-21 school year, the ERS Library staff would like to relay some important information--

1.) End-of-year pickups: This year’s final dates for ERS Library Delivery & Pickup Service are June 1 - 3. Please request a pickup no later than Monday, May 30 and be sure to have returning materials and ERS bags in the designated spot by 9:00am on your site’s assigned day. All ERS Library materials remaining in your possession after your site's final pickup date will become your responsibility to return directly to the ERS Library. Note: If your District’s last day of school is prior to the dates listed, please ensure your ERS Library materials have been picked up before you leave campus for the summer.

2.) Reserving materials for use during summer school: If you would like to use ERS Library materials with your summer school students, please reserve these to be delivered to your site between May 25-27 or June 1-3. As no pickup service is available during the summer months, set the return date as the day you intend to return these items to the ERS Library. Pickup and return of reserved materials is also available at the ERS Library via Curbside Service. Email or call (559) 651-3031 to confirm your arrival date/time.

3.) ERS Library Summer Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm for curbside services; CLOSED 7/5 in observance of Independence Day.

4.) Registration for our 2021-22 CheckThisOut! service will open on Thursday, July 1st. The link will be available via an email sent to all staff at ERS Library contracting districts/sites and on the CheckThisOut! page of the ERS Portal.

5.) Stay informed: Subscribe to Bookmarked to receive updates on all things ERS Library -– library services, ERS Portal resources, additions to the circulating collection, upcoming training opportunities and more.

6.) ERS Library Delivery & Pickup Service will resume on August 10, 2021. When reserving items for next year in the Follett Destiny Online Library Catalog, schedule them by selecting the “For a specific date” option [Do not use "As soon as possible"], then choosing which of your site’s assigned weekly delivery days you want to receive--and later return--the item(s). There will be no delivery service during the weeks of Thanksgiving Break (11/22-26), Winter Break (12/20-1/7) or Spring Break (4/11-15).

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with resources and support. We look forward to assisting you again soon!

The ERS Library Staff